Pet poem IX

Lucy, May she forever frolic amongst the apple trees

“Always, shalt thou live large within my heart,”

said I to my dog yester evening.

Strong bonds, they doth bind us, ne’er will we part,

I thus promised to her, faith believe me.

At night, she nestles firm against my spine.

Her legs, swift a’twitching as doth…



Lucy. 2004–2021

Sonnet №86 — A Love So Pure — pet poem #8

No love so pure has ere left human hearts

as love that takes root deep within our pets.

For nothing canst e’er pull us apart

From those creatures, we shall not forget.

Our pups from childhood still live within;



Photo of Lucy by author

Sonnet 83 — Where is the other dog? — pet poem 7

Where is the other dog who once lived here?

My Millie asked of me the other day.

She was much kind, and always of good cheer.

I sense she’s gone, she never would’ve strayed.

“The other dog, she…






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