Sonnet №106 — the body count

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By Christmas Day, we will have lost 330,000 people to this Covid_19 virus. Many of them completely avoidable but for those who refuse to understand that science matters, that science counts, that science, even when you don’t like the answers, tells its truth.

For all the brave people on the frontlines of healthcare and science — Covid:Poem 6

The body count is rising every day.

We keep our dead in skate rinks, dead on ice.

Old men in charge — who mere pretend to pray;

no shits to give, they rolled us and the dice.

We’re all the dead — my brother and my wife.

Thousands dead, more than died in Viet Nam.

Despots chose their money o’er our lives;

those in charge, I pray their souls be damned.

Our doctors and our nurses, nobly haunted,

their faces for all time scarred with terror.

Brave wade in, stare down demons undaunted

All those lives, so many lost in error.

Of thousands, who shall be the last to die

because of evil men who horrify?

— — David L. Stanley, May, 2020

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