Sonnet №126 — On Cath’s Seventieth

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Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash

Today, November 12, is my wife’s 70th birthday. For Cath.

Two lives together twine, glow like ivory

Both fair stronger than ‘ere they’d be apart.

No nobler grace, my bricks for her ivy;

no deeper grace are beats which share one heart.

When thine eyes tear, my heart doth truly break.

When thine spirit soars, it doth not soar alone.

When joy within erupts, all thirst is slaked,

I gaze with simple heart, a worthy throne.

My wife, ’tis your birthday, my love holdfast

You anchor all my flights of dreamscape mad.

Our love, for all times known, shall ever last

Fain please be my Sarai, years good and bad.

I am your Dante, thou art my Beatrice

On this day of love, seal it with our kiss.

{David L. Stanley:DStan58} November 2020

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