Sonnet №132 — upon the taco

For the first post of 2021, a sonnet on the glories of the taco.

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My carnitas are pretty fair. Ditto for those pickled onions.

A browned bit of meat with many spices fair.

It matters not; pork or beef or chicken.

A dash of cumin makes the flavor flair;

toss in arbol, doth the palate quicken.

Mix up your masa, make tortillas corn.

Or to your flour, add a lump of lard.

Press it thin; Lo, a taco shell is born.

Keep them soft, or fain dare to fry them hard.

Peppers, onions, lime juice make your Pico.

Crisp cold shredded lettuce cools down the heat.

Don’t forget that cubes of avocado

complete a tasty treat that can’t be beat.

A taco; 4 bites that are glorious,

etched e’er the menu meritorious.

{David L. Stanley: DStan58} Jan. 2021

I’m bringing sonnets back. ™

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DStan58 is a teacher, a writer, a dad, a voice-over actor and poet. He's a melanoma survivor and a pulmonary embolism survivor. He's bringing sonnets back,

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