Sonnet №15 — In the heart of man

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SONNET 15 — In the heart of man

Inside each man, a heart of romance lies;

to spy crystalline, lake’s pure shimmer wind.

At crow’s caws, hear largo, not anguished cries;

to bow at beauty, not because you’ve sinned.

The heart beats full at soulful’s slightest touch.

His lover’s head leans slightly ‘gainst his chest

and never hath he felt that spark; nonesuch.

Never since, felt that spark and not been blest.

A snowflake melt a’morning stands him straight.

A crackling autumn leaf cross yards? a smile.

At cicada’s wistful song, he’ll slow and gape.

At spring’s first peeping song, he is beguiled.

Romance; it doth not come from song or deed

Nay, deep; where if you prick us, we doth bleed.

-David L. Stanley, April 2019.

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