Sonnet №157

I am always proud to say I am an ally, but especially so during Pride Month. As a teacher, I have seen the havoc wreaked by hate on too many of my students. I’ve seen kids made homeless when they came out. I always sigh with grace when I see older students post on social media that they have found real love. A sonnet, for PRIDE MONTH.

Photo by Alex Jackman via Thank-you Alex!

Sonnet №157 — For PRIDE

What does an ally look like in these days?

When allies hear the jokes, they must speak out.

Silence equals death, the OG’s would say.

Drown! We silence hate with thunderous shouts.

No matter who or how you choose to love,

I will stand tall; always in your corner.

Not a choice, I sing, but true faith thereof.

Sing! all in love, I am your supporter.

Not one more Mathew Shepard in our lives.

Not one more Stonewall; not now, not ever.

Not one more AIDS, no rest ’til all survive.

Stand! We are Community, together.

Love! Matters not the one you must be with,

Love! Authentic love, ’tis life’s greatest gift.

— June, 2021



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DStan58 is a teacher, a writer, a dad, a voice-over actor and poet. He's a melanoma survivor and a pulmonary embolism survivor. He's bringing sonnets back,