Sonnet №158 — Paul

2 min readJul 23, 2021
We shall not see his like again.

Paul Dresser died the other day. Age 75. He was a giant. My coach, then my friend and mentor, he was one of those people who touched lives forever. His coaching tree has roots deep and wide. His faith and decency and humor and love for those in his broad circle was boundless. No one, save my own father, had more impact on my life than Paul. I suspect that is true for many of us. I miss him already so I wrote about him.

Sonnet 158 — Paul.

Today, the world became a darker space;

Our Paul has left, his gaping void immense.

Ne’er was the time when he doth not embrace

all by his humor; faith and love commence.

We all shall gather, commemorate, and grieve,

a life that touched on thousands of us all.

As deep within our souls we all believe,

we are far better people, knowing Paul.

A life is judged by how ’tis carried on;

his legacy has spread throughout our land.

Beneficence doth thrive, though he is gone,

for all are more humane, thanks to this man.

Our Paul has left, gone to a better place;

he shalt ascend to heaven, home of grace.

  • David L. Stanley. July, 2021




DStan58 is a teacher, a writer, a dad, a voice-over actor and poet. He's a melanoma survivor and a pulmonary embolism survivor. He's bringing sonnets back,