Sonnet №20 — I die in every moment

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SONNET XX — I die in every moment

Death circles round the center of my soul.

I die in every moment of my life.

My guts are rent to shreds, then made whole.

I’ve died ten thousand times in peace and strife.

As odd as this may sound to kith and kin,

it is, in fact, the only way to live.

Are you game for risk, one chance to win,

remembering, you have one life to give?

Be quiet now; Be still and hear the voice.

Listen with your full soul until it fades.

Forsooth, one has to always make the choice

to calm, as one’s thoughts cease the long cascade.

Mere dying wind must act to calm the lake.

When the ego starts to die, one awakes.

-{David L. Stanley.}{DStan58} May 2019

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