Sonnet №21. Do you let them in?

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Sonnet №21. Do you let them in?

How long before you know someone do you

let them in, share with them your spirit soul?

A year, or two, or three? Do you feel true

to truth or hath the lies taken their toll?

Says Maya, when someone shows you who they

truly are for the first time believe them.

Why would you not believe them when they say

“I am an ass and you, I doth condemn.”

Hence, if one fains to let you in their heart’s

true gate, take thy gift with a solemn grace.

Treat it unkind, acerb tears it apart.

Cherish the heart, there is your love’s true face.

Always, please, shalt thou be most gentlekind

and find your loyal hearts, years on, entwined.

David L. Stanley. May, 2019

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