Sonnet №25. Why doth we cry?

Sonnet №25 — Why doth we cry?

Doth darest thou to cry yourself to sleep?

For which cause wouldst thou sob onto a quilt?

Many are the times thou art glum, thou reap

the pangs of odium and those of guilt.

Yet, also are the nights where tears are fair

We cry for loss of life, loves gone awry.

A bolster shields a heart ‘gainst dim, dark air.

Whilst it is true for all that one must cry.

Mayhaps one feels a life lost so acute

such that only evening tears can bring a dawn.

Perhaps one’s life’s remorse has made one mute,

o’er customs living with the one now gone.

I say in one’s own life thou care for all

in ways kind before one’s own death rings pall.

{David L. Stanley:DTan58} May, 2019

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