Sonnet №27- I’m hungry

A true story. Sadly.

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Sonnet №27 — I’m Hungry

A filthy flannel shirt and mismatched shoes.

His teeth were mostly stubs ‘neath ill-kempt hair.

When turned at his hello, I saw a bruise.

His visage? It changed from bare to scared.

“I’m hungry’s” what he said, “Please help me, sir?”

I held my dinner ends inside a box.

His words were hard to hear, they were drunk-slurred,

I slowed my walk, I listened, as he talked.

“I’ve had a rough time, sir, you look kind fair.

Maybe help a fellow out, lend a hand?

A couple bucks would be good, kin ya share?

My life, it didn’t turn out like I’d planned.”

I gave the man my food, and then, a ten.

He nodded, smiled deeply, “Thanks, my friend.”

{David Stanley:DStan58}. June, 2019

You always have the time to be kind. So be kind.

TAGS — Homelessness, Kindness, Compassion, Hungry, Sonnet

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