Sonnet №30 — We both were shamed

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Sonnet №30 — We both were shamed

He plodded without aim along the walk,

matted hair, torn t-shirt, duct-tape flip-flops,

he bent, picked up butts in concrete’s crack caulk.

I watched. He held in hand his latest crop.

Our eyes, they met and locked, we both were shamed.

Mashed flat cast-off spit butts, his eyes were dim.

Mine, at simple human spirit cruel maimed,

Morose, my world where wretched lives harsh grim.

I knew a fiver does this man no good.

Heart broke, beyond the reach of my weak aid.

Eyes met again, both nod as humans should,

and we said “Hey.” “Hi.” and stood in cooling shade.

As simple as two syllables can be,

grants that two men are human, he and me.

{David L. Stanley:DStan58}. July, 2019

I’m bringing sonnets back.

Care to join me? Give me a follow. Thank-you.

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