Sonnet №31 Healer, father, friend

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Not me. Although, it looks a lot like me.

Dad had a proper send-off yesterday.

His ashes? Front and center as they should.

We let loose laughter; six months held at bay.

Yet tears flowed, as we recalled his deeds good.

My father was a healer, father, friend.

Son, husband, teacher, sailor were his, too.

Of kindness and of humor, knew no end,

all wrapped inside a prickly and proud Jew.

The softest touch, tough as nails commander,

things were done well or they were done again

Sloth slid in? All suffered with his candor.

Success! Relax, smell arbor and the glen.

To a good man, no harm can come in death

or in life, he recalled with his last breath.

{David L. Stanley:DStan58} August, 2019

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