Sonnet №32 — To Die in quiet Majesty

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It is true, not all deaths are tragedy.

So it is true, all deaths may be teachings.

All wish, may die in quiet majesty,

Leave this mortal coil whilst still seeking.

You lie in wait to die, and breathe your last.

What questions doth still ruminate within?

Was my spirit, love, kindness unsurpassed?

Doth face both test and joy with selfsame grin?

Ad astra? Fain extend a hand to all?

Lift up those souls who could not stand alone?

Comfort hearts of those whose lives went a’squall?

This be faith, down the hollows of your bones?

No qualms, then, for the goodness of your breath,

Thou shalt relish the finest strain of death.

{David L. Stanley:Dstan58} August 2019

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