Sonnet №34 — The times to keep are dark

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Suppose you could re-cast your one life true.

Which parts wouldst writ for enemy most foul?

Which roles must needs be played solely by you?

Which bits still make thou hysterically howl?

One’s first mind; savor only bits of joy.

Kindness, smiles; doth art a quick recall.

I love you. I do. It’s a girl! A boy!

Mama! Dada! Lookit! Me walk, not crawl!

Perhaps the parts to keep are times most dark;

the moments when life deigned to squash your soul,

the ones when the abyss and you lived stark

where whence at end of day, gloom made you whole.

When all parts, fair and base, doth coalesce,

One’s lived a life that’s well and truly blessed.

{David L. Stanley:DStan58} August, 2019

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