Sonnet №7; A son tends to his father

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Me and my Dad. Photo by author.

When told my father died, I did not cry.

Repose swept in as if a cleansing breeze.

He struggled to stand straight, no longer spry.

My heart leapt that he passed, not on his knees.

My heart fell, as I brood upon my son;

His poppa passing on, he lost true north.

Of the young, my boy is the elder one;

Manifest, my young man will carry forth.

I cannot help my son to mourn and grieve,

Death strikes us all, each one, in its own way.

Yet stand with one accord; we lean, we cleave,

Together, find the strength for the new day.

A father tends to boy when boy is young.

To find his strength rests now within his son.

David L. Stanley, Feb. 2019

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