Sonnet №78 — abiding Calm within

I love this photo — thank-you, Guille!

Sonnet 78 — abiding Calm within

On what grounds doth thou proceed with such strength,

that tribulations of the mind recess,

and bow to all before you at arm’s length?

Abiding calm dwells within, thou art blest.

Fain to see one’s life from within and out

and bring a smile yet to those in sphere,

’tis truly gifted, there must be no doubt,

that thou art a messenger of good cheer.

Yet is it not a gift bestowed upon?

Nay, it is a bounty one gives one’s own.

Tranquility, we learn, e’er bests all brawn

ne’er defeated by sinew and mere bone.

Cruel game, we learn this late, is oft the case

Prithee learn early; reap a life of grace.

— — December 2019.



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DStan58 is a teacher, a writer, a dad, a voice-over actor and poet. He's a melanoma survivor and a pulmonary embolism survivor. He's bringing sonnets back,