Sonnet №84 — I Stand

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I always believe the oppressed. Sure, every so often, there is a hoax, but for every hoax, I suspect there are hundreds, probably thousands of incidents that go unreported for fear of reprisal. I like my odds.

Sonnet 84 — I Stand — protest poem 12

I will always stand with those who are oppressed.

I will always hear their cries: “I’ve been wronged.”

Until the inequality’s addressed,

this is the hate our beloved country’s spawned.

A woman says she’s raped. I believe her.

Black man says cops beat him. I believe him.

“My husband broke my nose.” Yes, he beat her.

They searched me ‘cos I’m Black. I believe him.

“I was not allowed to vote.” I’ll be there.

“Our drinking water’s lead.” It’s my mission.

“We have no health insurance.” I will care.

We’ll fight together until somebody listens.

There will be times when I am wrong, that’s true,

yet I’ll be right with history when we’re through.

— — August 2020.



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DStan58 is a teacher, a writer, a dad, a voice-over actor and poet. He's a melanoma survivor and a pulmonary embolism survivor. He's bringing sonnets back,